Hi! I am Vinayak

I am a seasoned marketing & growth expert. I have worked with several reputed brands helping them grow their businesses.

I provide Fractional CMO and Growth Consulting services. 

About Me

“Effective marketing is one of the key drivers of growth for any company, big or small. And marketing is effective with smart implementation, as much as a sound strategy.”

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With over 20 years of experience, I am an award-winning marketer with expertise in marketing strategy, digital marketing, data-driven performance marketing, and in driving sales and revenue growth.

Additionally, I am proficient in brand strategy, creative & communication, team building, and leadership.

With a track record of working with several reputed companies, I’ve tackled diverse marketing challenges head-on. My impactful marketing strategies have consistently translated into achieving marketing goals.

I am deeply passionate about transforming startups and propelling them on a growth trajectory by crafting and executing effective marketing solutions.

At present, I work as a Fractional CMO and Growth Consultant, dedicated to assisting startups and SMEs in achieving their marketing and business growth aspirations.

I orchestrated a smooth transition from offline to digital operations in the marketing and sales functions for a leading SME in the education domain. Additionally, I crafted and executed a growth-driven strategy. 

Fueled remarkable growth for an edtech startup through contribution across marketing, sales, product, and communication, swiftly improving the business KPIs.

While serving as the Marketing Head for Jio Prime, I played a pivotal role in its launch and evolution into India’s foremost consumer engagement and commerce platform.

As a Head of Marketing for Aimia Inc, I orchestrated the successful launch of Nectar India, an ecommerce aggregator & consumer benefits platform.

As a Marketing Head, I spearheaded CommonFloor’s growth from a regional real estate portal to a nationwide industry leader.

While serving as a Head of Marketing & Sales, I successfully launched Which? UK’s paid subscription business in India.

Brands I have worked for

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Awards & Recognition

Google Award

Best Brand and Creator collaboration award by Google for the first ever branded content web series ‘Permanent Roommates’ on YouTube, for CommonFloor.com

INMA Award

The coveted INMA ‘Best of Show’ award for Lead India campaign for Times Of India brand

Cannes Advertising Festival

India’s First ever Grand Prix Lion at Cannes advertising festival for Lead India campaign for Times Of India brand

What others say

Vinayak joined our organisation and built a team up from scratch. The team was challenged to create a buzz around a new product with limited marketing budgets to spend. This required the team to work quickly, nimbly and to think differently. The quality of the output they created in such a short period of time was excellent and the results were very promising.
Mark Grafton
Vinayak worked with me and had an astute sense of brand marketing along with sales & distribution. He combined his marketing skills with an ability to understand the business and connect the dots. He had excellent analytical skills, ability to think and was a good team player.
Santosh Kanekar

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